You have no teeth but want one?? Teeth in a day at Sparsh is the right choice.

It can be embarrassing and emotionally traumatizing to walk around with a missing tooth even if it is for a few hours. Dental implant is the most trusted solution for such condition, but what about the long painful sessions

Well we pride ourselves into giving you quick and lasting implants and that also within a day.

To save you from the discomfort and trauma, we specialize in single session implants with growth factors to aid natural and faster healing. You will be walking out stress free from our clinic in no time.

Loose mobile and decayed teeth are extracted; implants are placed and immediately loaded with a temporary restoration, all in a day! You walk out of our dental office with a full set of teeth. A final definitive prosthesis is made after 3-4 months.

Now no more sufferings with your removable dentures and hassles of food lodgment and irritation because of those troublesome dentures which keep moving, and force you to have only soft food, hampers your speech and loss of support of the facial muscles and get rid of those embarrassing moments of dentures falling off. With Sparsh’s state of the art Dental Implants treatment now you can get that normal life back of your Youth and also eat what you want.

Advantages of Dental Implant

  • Use of Growth Factors for faster and natural healing painless & less traumatic
  • Multiple or Single tooth replacement
  • Renewed confidence in your smile
  • Clear speech with younger Look
  • Increased ability to chew food
  • Preserves your jaw bone
  • Teeth do not need to be removed at night
  • Dental implants do not decay like teeth stabilize removable dentures
  • Replace removable dentures
  • Replace removable partial dentures
  • Strengthen existing bridgework

Now with BIOM the most advanced dental clinic in Mumbai under the flagship of Dr. Jain get the :

  • Best dental treatment to preserve the life of your teeth
  • Less expensive dental treatments with advanced procedures
  • Best dental clinic to serve all your needs
  • Pain free dental clinic with the modern equipments
  • Best teeth whitening procedures
  • Single sitting root canal treatments
  • Teeth in a day with best & affordable dental implants
  • Non Surgical dental treatments
  • Guaranteed long lasting BIOM dental treatments

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