Cavities and broken teeth, change in bite

Full mouth restoration with BIO M

Broken or decayed tooth – has a stress free solution now!

Biomimetic dentistry is a advanced patient-friendly approach designed to save & protect your natural teeth. Conventional dentistry may give you good results but may sacrifice some of your natural tooth structure in the process. Conversely, biomimetic dentistry aims to restore your tooth by emulating its natural function, focusing on the tooth’s durability and long-term health.

Advantages of Biomimetic Dentistry

With biomimetic dental techniques, our Dental Surgeons can mimic the form, function, and look of your natural teeth while still providing added reinforcement. If you have a tooth that is compromised by decay or fracturing, biomimetic dentistry solutions can support your tooth while providing additional advantages such as:

  • Preserving the tooth & strengthening by splinting in cases of big cavities (no caps required)
  • Reducing the risk of infection &Preventing Bacterial Invasion
  • Reducing the risk of future decay
  • Repairs or elimination of cracks & tooth fracture
  • Avoiding more extensive and costly dental treatments
  • Delaying the re-treatment cycle
  • Minimizing the risk of tooth loss

Biomimetic dental treatments may include layering techniques with tooth-colored materials such as inlays, onlays, or bonding. Biomimetic dentistry has helped our patients at Sparsh Speciality Dentistry maintain healthy and beautiful teeth for many, many years.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers or laminates not only enhance the appearance of one or more teeth but help in saving them. It is an ultra-thin shell of porcelain or composite resin (usually as thin as 0.3mm), customized for the desired shape and color.

By providing the Best Biomemetic Dental veneers treatment, the dental experts correct or reshape mishappened, broken or irregular teeth. Veneers are also an excellent solution for discolored teeth or teeth that do not respond to traditional whitening methods.

Whether you choose veneers made from ceramic or composite resin, it gives complete satisfaction and amazing results.

Building up and shaping of composite resin can be done as a direct-chair procedure, whereas for ceramic veneers, it requires the steps of taking impressions and fabrication in the dental lab. In the next stage, they are permanently cemented with the help of resin cement.

BioM Dental brings the complete spectrum of veneers to improve in the appearance of the teeth. When you are looking for the best and most reliable dental veneers, we assure you the same.

Why are veneers the best choice?

Veneers are recommended because they are the longest-lasting restoration. If maintained well, then they give trouble-free service for many years.

Dental veneers are designed to cover the frontal or facial surface of the teeth. They are securely glued to the teeth because of the precise bonding process. Thus, the broken or discolored surface of the teeth get replaced with a shinier, smoother, and more natural look.

When the objective is to cover a discolored tooth, or restoration of a broken tooth veneers are the first choice.

At BioM Dental, our expert team discusses your expectations to offer the Best Biomemetic Dental veneers treatment options. We assure high accuracy of treatment that brings dramatic improvement to the smile and bring back the confidence.


Biomimetic Dentistry is the art of treating decayed, weak, and fractured, teeth, to return the teeth to their original strength, function, and esthetics, in a conservative, strong, and attractive approach with advanced techniques, which removes the need for crowns and root canals of traditional dentistry.