Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism

Visit Mumbai - India for your Dental Treatments , Great Holidays & Much More

Booming market for health care & dental care slowly in India is becoming the hub of medical & dental tourism .This is due to accessibility to quality dental care facilities at affordable costs. With only professional clinic for Bio -Mimetic Dentistry BIO M boasts of state of the art dental treatments & ultra-modern equipments. As most visited celebrity Clinic in India -Mumbai BIO M Dental Care Centre takes pride as being the best where people from all across the globe have visited for their dental needs.

The quality of dental care is on par with the best centres in the world as our dentists have received their training from prestigious institutions of U.K., SPAIN, ITALY and U.S.A.

In Mumbai you will have access to international cuisine, malls, cinemas, etc. to make your stay pleasant. You can visit the many historical sites within and around these cities to make your stay memorable. We have appointment special hospitality managers to guide you through this.

Why is BIO M your ideal choice?

The standards of sterilisation, dental techniques, equipments and materials used are on par or superior than most dental centres in the world .

The doctors associated with BIO M Dental are highly qualified, super specialised and have affiliations with international associations and organisations.

English speaking clients have absolutely no communication problem at our centre unlike other hubs for dental tourism.

All dental procedures at BIO M work out to just a fraction of the costs compared to other countries for the same quality of treatments.

We are located conveniently within a few minutes drive from numerous central & well Known places specially very near to the domestic & international airports.

Complimentary accommodation & pick up is provided in certain cases. Accommodation assistance provided to all clients.

Overall, at BIO M you can expect genuine, value for money and superior dental care.

We have special hospitality managers who are just a phone call away should you need any information or guidance during your visit.

Best dental treatment to preserve the life of your teeth.

  • Less expensive dental treatments with advanced procedures
  • Best dental clinic to serve all your needs
  • Pain free dental clinic with the modern equipments
  • Best teeth whitening procedures
  • Single sitting root canal treatments
  • Teeth in a day with best & affordable dental implants
  • Non Surgical dental treatments
  • Guaranteed long lasting BIOM dental treatments

Apart from best in Dentistry , other services provided at our centre by our eminent & celebrity in house doctors are:

  • Best skin & cosmetology services
  • Hair restoration with advanced robotics in the best hair clinic in Mumbai
  • Stem cell activation & bioregenex for hair & face In the best skin clinic in Mumbai
  • Plastic & minimally aesthetic surgery in the best cosmetology clinic in Mumbai
  • Fillers with the lowest rates in Mumbai
  • Osteoarthritis treatments without surgery in the best clinic in India ,Mumbai
  • Slimming without surgery in Mumbai
  • Lasers & EBD treatments with low cost treatments in Mumbai
  • Advanced skin resurfacing
  • Tattoo removal with lowest cost in Mumbai also visit