Trauma or decay causes damage to the tooth structure. Tooth filling restores the appearance and structure and make it almost like a natural. It bridges the gap and protects the tooth from further decay.

A tooth filling is used to treat cracked or broken tooth due to incorrect dental habits such as nail-biting or teeth grinding.

With the availability of more advanced and natural identical fillings, it is a preferred restoration method today.

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When do you need a tooth filling?

It is important to be watchful and beware of the signs and symptoms of where filling becomes essential.

  • Dark spots on the tooth
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • A hole in the tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold beverages

If any of these symptoms persist, then it is better to consult a dental expert. Sometimes, tooth decay causes without any symptom. Hence, it is recommended to get the dental inspection after every six months.

The filling decision will be taken by the dentist after a thorough examination. Amongst various choices of tooth filling, the expert picks a suitable one.

Metal Filling

It is a long-lasting solution and can withstand chewing force well. Gold filling is costly but a preferred choice. Silver is relatively less expensive.

Amalgam Filling

It is the most widely used and most researched one. It is made from a combination of metals. It has very high strength.

Composite Filling

Its identical natural color makes it almost invisible. It bonds well with the tooth structure. However, it wears out fast.

Porcelain / Ceramic Filling

It gives the best aesthetic results. It is long-lasting and doesn’t get stains or wear off easily.

Tooth filling: the procedure

It is an outpatient procedure performed under the local anesthesia.

The damaged or decayed tooth and the surrounding area is prepared for restoration. A dental handpiece or Laser may be used for removing the damaged part if needed.

The treated tooth is polished, and the procedure is over.

Tooth Filling Cost In Mumbai depends on the severity of the infected tooth. BioM Dental chooses the best filling method based on the requirement.