Microscope Precision Dentistry

Microscope Precision Dentistry

Only dental treatments under microscope are accurate, rest are judgemental Now get this advanced facility with no extra cost when you do your dental treatments at the best dental clinic in Mumbai

Dentistry under microscope has many advantages :

  • Better vision is the key to accurate diagnosis & precise treatment
  • Treatment done only of affected area ,no damage to nearby areas
  • Detection & addressing cracks etc, in the teeth which can not be seen through naked eye
  • Helps In Identifying and treating extra canals during a RCT, which can be missed with a naked eye
  • Removing of debris and disinfecting the canal accurately is only possible with the use of microscope
  • Fillings or veneer preps or any other dental treatment can be done more accurately and precisely with the help of microscope
  • It is the most important tool in a dental office which can enhance the treatment results
Microscope Precision Dentistry

An advanced dental treatment center always uses the most sophisticated and precise dental treatment methods. BioM Dental is one of the leading dental clinics where you find Microscope precision dentistry procedures and facilities.

The advantages of microscope dentistry are unique. It gives a better vision to the dental specialist to diagnose and treat the problem. It is a precise technique where only the affected area is treated, and no damage is caused to the surrounding area.

Detection and correction of fine cracks are possible using this method. Microscopic procedures enhance the effectiveness of cosmetic dental procedures and help in achieving fantastic results.

This method uses an operating surgical microscope to perform dental procedures.

What makes Microscope precision dentistry so special?

In this method, dentists can see the details in exceedingly high magnification (typically .4x to 2.6x), which in the normal method would not have been visible.

Clear magnified images and pronounced 3D effect gives an immense depth of field. Experts can see every detail and provide treatment with greater precision.

BioM Dental has advanced machines and tools and state-of-the-art Microscope precision dentistry to perform a wide range of dental treatments ranging from filling to tooth restoration or root canal to implant surgery or cosmetic dentistry to crown preparation.

In every specialty, the magnified image brings a big benefit and offers superior quality work whenever used.

BioM Dental is the one-stop solution

The superior quality of work and higher success rate are the qualities that make BioM Dental a perfect dental clinic for Microscope precision dentistry.

We follow sophisticated methods to provide accurate treatment affecting the least possible surgical area. It results in faster healing of soft tissues and bones.

We guarantee that you will have minimal damage and discomfort. BioM Dental is meant for those wanting top-quality dental treatment and care for their teeth.