What has brought a big revolution in surgical dentistry? It is undoubtedly, Laser.

It has made it possible to perform complex dental procedures without any needles, stitches, and scalpels.

At BioM Dental, you can have advanced Laser dental treatment in Mumbai with incredible perfection.

Laser treatment is a far more comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional procedures. It requires less anesthesia, the treatment is painless, and it can be performed quickly.

This less invasive surgical process achieves the same results (even better) than conventional dentistry. Following a laser soft tissue treatment, you feel no discomfort.

Since there is no bleeding, less swelling, and absolutely zero pain, people consider it an excellent alternative to traditional procedures.

Major or minor, any dental procedure can be performed without fear following the Laser path!

Laser treatment for periodontal diseases

Periodontitis and gingivitis are serious gum infections that if left untreated, may result in tooth loss. Gum diseases can be treated by cleaning toxins and debris from beneath the gum line.

Laser treatment does it comfortably and painlessly. It removes bacteria and diseased tissue from the pockets. It can also remove tartar and debris from the roots, making the gum attachment healthy and sealing the pockets closed.

There is no need to use scalpels or stitches. Patients experience quick healing after Laser treatment.

Not only Laser can remove bacteria up to 99 percent, but it also assists in forming a fibrin clot to prevent post-surgical bleeding. At BioM Dental, you can have a harmonious, healthy, and good-looking gum line, which is required for a phenomenal smile. And that also without any discomfort or pain!

Here doctors and their assistants help you smile with confidence after a world-class painless Laser surgery. Perfect Laser dental treatment in Mumbai is assured by us.

Laser surgeries can be performed to remove swellings, hard and soft tissue growth in and around the mouth, easily and quickly with a dental laser.

Correcting ‘Gummy’ Smiles

Sometimes, the gumline is so much prominent that it affects the smile. Laser treatment can effectively reshape the gum tissues and create an appearance of symmetrical and longer teeth.

It balances an asymmetric gumline and reduces excessive gumline.

The treatment can be done without any pain or discomfort without using scalpels.


Melanin hyperpigmentation or dark gums are prevalent in certain individuals. It causes an undesirable appearance to healthy, pink gums.

Laser treatment improves the appearance by improving the smile.

Teeth whitening and bleaching

Teeth whitening or bleaching is the best solution for whitening of dull, yellow, and stained teeth.

At BioM Dental, you get varied revolutionary systems to make them shiny white. Achieve dramatic results in less than an hour.

Laser treatment gives you brighter teeth and a lot of stability in lesser time.

Laser treatment for root canals

Painful root canal treatment performed in several sittings are a thing of the past. BioM Dental brings high-end equipment to perform root canal treatment in a simplified and easy manner

A painless root canal can be performed in just two sittings. Laser removes bacteria and diseased tissues from the root canal system. The tooth becomes 100% infection-free and decontaminated.

In the majority of the cases, it could be a single sitting root canal treatment.

At BioM Dental, we believe in offering you the best Laser dental treatment in Mumbai to correct your smile. We bring your dream smile into reality.

Our dental treatment is solely devoted to the purpose of offering you not just a beautiful smile but also restoring the good health of the gums.

We want your smile to last forever!