Getting your smile crafted is no more a miracle The DSD concept aims to assist the designing of one’s smile in 3 aspects:

Whats DSD ?

DSD is the art of using 3D technology to design the perfect smile according to your facial profile and personality.

  • Your future smile and looks are presented to you even before the treatment starts
  • This is the most precise way to look the best according to your personality and facial profile
  • It not only gives you more natural and beautiful appearance but also enhances functional efficiency, eventually slowing down the aging process

Many years of work and discussions with the most advanced researchers and practitioners have developed this science along with Dr.Rinku jain just to ease & make the life of the patient more worthy to save one’s time ,energy & the concept of “Give the Best by the Best” at the most celebrity visited dental clinic in Mumbai.

Digital Smile Design

BioM Dental is the best dental clinic in Mumbai. It is a one-stop solution to look after every need of yours. The treatments and procedures are based on the concept of biomimetic dentistry, the pathbreaking and revolutionary concept. It reduces the need for cutting healthy crowns and also prevents the root canal as much as possible.

Based on individual needs and conditions, a personalized treatment plan is offered. A wide range of services is offered by BioM Dental.

DSD or Digital Smile design is an integrated effort of cosmetic and restorative dental specialists, periodontics, orthodontics, implant specialists, and orthognathic surgeons. We extensively use this systematic approach in our treatments.

We design the individual set of procedures to meet the case-specific needs. Our treatments maintain oral health and preserve the health of teeth and gums for the lifetime as well.

Why Digital Smile Design?

In the modern world of science and technology, it is not enough for a dental expert to diagnose and resolve the functional and biological problems of the teeth or gums. People want perfect smiles, aligned, and integrated well with their personalities. And they do not mind paying big money for it.

To exceed the expectations of their patients; modern dentists are required to be experts in both aesthetics and technology. Digital Smile design is the new-age dentistry. It is more emotional, human, and artistic.

Using the advanced tools and precise digital methods, BioM Dental designs a healthier and more beautiful smile for you. Our specialists perform an analysis of the shape of the face, teeth and gums, jaw and mouth proportions, and muscular structure.

This method predicts the result in the form of video and 3D images. When there is a need for a multifaceted, comprehensive approach to dentistry, there is no other place than BioM Dental. We take good care of your smile!