Biomimetic Treatment

Deep Cavity

No Cutting of healthy surrounding tooth, Tooth preserved & Restored with BIO M in Just 1 Visit

Decay under traditional silver filling

BIO M treatment done Tooth Preserved

Cavities and broken teeth, change in bite

Full mouth restoration with BIO M

Designing With Dental Veneers

Small part of tooth remaining - traditionally the tooth would be removed

No need to remove the tooth,reinforced & saved with BIO M

Cavity in the tooth

Treated with BIO M

Gaps in teeth

Smile designing with BIO M

Badly decayed teeth

Restored with BIO M

Tooth fracture due to silver filling

cavity under silver filling

Broken tooth part and cavity under silver filling (traditionally Tooth would be Removed)

Tooth saved and restored with Bio M

Orthodontic Treatment

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Before

Instant Tooth Whitening

Full Mouth Restoration

Treatment with Dental Veneers

Treatment with Dental Veneers

Treatment with Dental Veneers