Biomimetic Dentistry is the art of treating decayed, weak, and fractured, teeth, to return the teeth to their original strength, function, and esthetics, in a conservative, strong, and attractive approach with advanced techniques, which removes the need for crowns and root canals of traditional dentistry.

  • Unhappy Individuals having repeated Problems with traditional old dental treatments
  • Looking for easy comfortable painless dental treatments with least visits & long lasting effects
  • If one has new or old dental cavities
  • Individuals with pain in the teeth or gums / pain on chewing food/ pain in the teeth already treated with traditional dentistry
  • People with sensitivity to hot and cold food/drinks
  • If food gets stuck in between teeth or in between old fillings and caps
  • Someone having crooked or broken teeth or broken traditional restorations
  • For those who are unhappy with the present smile
  • If one has cracks in teeth
  • People with chronic acidity problems affecting teeth
  • Those who have habit of chewing supari or guthkha causing dental damage
  • Aging dental architecture due to damages in teeth & mouth

Traditional approaches to treating damaged and decayed teeth are

  • More aggressive treatment, damages the remaining healthy tooth
  • Repeated dental treatments required
  • If one has new or old dental cavities
  • Complications such as root canal infections occur more frequently
  • Pain full and more invasive
  • Stressful
  • Frequent dental visits
  • More often leading to loss of teeth
  • Leading to aggressive and invasive treatments like implants and dentures

Biomimetic means restoring the teeth to its natural forms in terms of function aesthetics & strength. The materials used are so close to natural tooth substance & resemble the elasticity & strength of natural tooth structure. Biomimetic is the next best thing which will copy nature and repair your tooth the way nature would repair it: rebuilding it one layer at a time, cusp by cusp, removing only the affected areas and providing correct and strong precise techniques that provide the most natural result and seal out future infection. Instead Of filling Cavities as pot holes like in traditional dentistry, Biomimetic advanced treatments fixes the teeth to its natural form & function. Biomimetic reduces the need for Cutting teeth for Caps & helps to prevent root canal treatments whenever possible.

  • Maintains the function and strength of your teeth
  • More sustainable and long lasting
  • Gentle to the teeth
  • No aggressive retreatments
  • Saves repeated dental visits
  • Increases the life of your teeth
  • Less drills
  • Less or no Pain at all
  • Low maintainance
  • Often RCT not needed

Biomimetic is a form of dental care that actually mimics the natural composition of the teeth, restoring health with techniques and materials that are as close to the actual structure of the teeth as possible. This treatment is not only gentle to the teeth, but has no of benefits :

  • Conserves your existing tooth structure
  • More sustainable and long lasting
  • Friendly to your teeth and gums
  • Maintains the function and strength of your teeth
  • Saves repeated dental visits
  • No aggressive re-treatments
  • Minimal or no pain at all
  • Less drills
  • Minimal or no anaesthetia
  • Improves your general health
  • Increases the life of your teeth
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintainence
  • Preserves dental pulp
  • Repair or elimination of cracks
  • Removal of the cavity
  • Preserves the remaining tooth structure
  • Reinforcement of the tooth
  • Delayed retreatments
  • Minimal or no pain at all

Why to choose Biomimetic Dental Treatments

The cavities with Biomimetic treatment are filled with life like materials, which mimic the natural teeth in form, function and strength with no stress on the teeth

It seals the infection & cavity , so no gaps , no more deeper cavities, no cracks because no stress from the material. No repeated treatments required

Long Lasting,natural teeth preserved, life of the teeth increased, Its the most conservative form of Dental treatment

Natural Tooth preserved with minimal intervention

Why to avoid Traditional Dental Treatments

Patient with Cavity ,Pain ,Infection ,Sensitivity approaches the dentist

Dentists fill the cavities with rigid silver amalgam/ tooth coloured filling materials which later cause

Stress in the tooth forming gaps and deeper cavities, cracks in the teeth ,pain, discomfort,sensitivity, unable to chew, leading further to agressive treatments like root canal treatments & caps

Caps of rigid materials are fixed by cutting remaining healthy tooth structure to create space for the cap thus weakening the strength of the teeth. Progressive treatments lead to

Tooth removal

No. In fact, over the long term it is far less expensive. No dental restoration lasts forever. When a traditional restoration fails both the restoration and the tooth are compromised, leading to costly tooth repair ,tooth loss and ,or tooth replacement procedures, like dental implants and dentures.On the other hand, if at all needed, Biomimetic restorations, are easily repaired because only the restoration gets damaged not the tooth.Most require little or no anesthetic to repair. The minor cost associated with repairing a Biomimetic restoration is more like that of a filling rather than that of a conventional crown, root canal, bridge or implant.

Instead of simply filling cavities as though they were potholes, Biomimetic keeps the patient's long-term dental health in focus. With Biomimetic dentistry, only the decay is removed from the teeth.

These bonded restorations function and behave like natural teeth and break the traditional dental cycle (not patient’s teeth)!

  • Biomimetic is the treatment of weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from the invasion of bacteria.
  • Biomimetic reduces the need for cutting teeth down for crowns.
  • Biomimetic helps to prevent root canal treatments whenever possible.
  • If a tooth is aggressively damaged, Biomimetic aims to reinforce the remaining tooth structure with a special material, so that the forces on the tooth while chewing are reduced.

This helps to prevent developing cracks that could lead to fracture, and locks out the bacteria Biomimetic means restoring the teeth to its natural forms in terms of function, aesthetics and strength.It is very important to protect and conserve as much of the natural tooth and gum structure as possible, which is only possible with Biomimetic procedure.

In the long term Biomimetic has proven to be more time efficient. This is because everything is performed in one visit, eliminating the need for the second visit common with traditional treatments. This is also due to the conservative nature of the technique, which eliminates 90 percent of root canals and other time consuming procedures that stem from the break down of traditional dental treatments. Biomimetic creates stronger teeth that are less prone to breaking or cracking and will need less or no work down the road, saving you time and money.

We have a strong belief that early diagnosis and treatment result in better long-term health as well as less costly procedures and less discomfort down the road. That is why we suggest that if your old fillings start showing any signs of leakage or compromise, you get them replaced using Biomimetic immediately.

Just the thought of RCT sends chills along the spine of many people. With Biomimetic the tooth is saved and often RCT is not needed. A specific dye is used which sticks only to the decayed infected part of the tooth , with the help of microscope under magnification, only the stained infected part of the tooth is removed with utmost precision , without damaging the healthy part of the tooth.

Yes,Biomimetic treatments helps in prevention of cavities, prevention of RCT in young teeth. Biomimetic treatment aims at early diagnosis and conservative treatment and prevention of the habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or mouth breathing. To treat and prevent the consequences of these habits on the development and growth of the jaws, teeth and facial muscles with the conservative approach.


  • Conservative precise treatments Precisely only affected decay removed without any damage to surrounding healthy areas Ends the nonstop cycle of problems and repairs
  • Damaged and fractures can be restored
  • Less or no pain at all
  • Minimal dental visits
  • Strength and life of the tooth restored almost no treatment required in future
  • Strength and life of the tooth restored almost no treatment required in future


  • Conservative Aggressive treatments Decay along with healthy tooth structure removed Leads to never ending progressive damages like deeper cavities,Rct,caps,infections and weakness the tooth
  • Leads to fractures and removal of tooth
  • Painful
  • Multiple dental visits
  • Progressive treatments leading to tooth loss
  • More expensive on longer run due to the progressive treatments required