Learn more about how long it takes to recover from a root canal

How long does it take to fully recover from a root canal? It is the most common question asked by the patients who have undergone or will be undergoing a root canal procedure. First, we need to understand that getting a root canal done is not the horror story that we might have heard a few years back. Today, it is a no pain and no down time procedure, and the level of discomfort is probably the same as getting a session of Teeth Whitening in Mumbai. However, since this procedure requires a great deal of skill and expert precision, it is better to get the procedure done in the Best Dental Clinic in Mumbai.

The root canal procedure is usually done in a single sitting under the microscope, which ensures that you save time and need not visit the clinic for additional sessions. In the majority of the cases, antibiotics are not required to be administered, and contrary to popular belief, only the tooth that needs the root canal is anesthetized and not the entire jaw. If the root canal procedure is carried out on the posterior teeth like the molars and the bicuspids, then the root canal treated teeth may require dental crowns. However, most teeth do not require caps after root canal treatment. The remaining tooth tissue is preserved and filled with Biomimetic filling material.

But how long does it take to recover?

There is no concrete answer to this question, but in reality, most people recover from the root canal procedure within a few days. But, for some patients, the recovery time can take 6 to 7 days due to some other underlying factors, but these are exceptional cases and not the norm. The concept of microscopic root canal treatment is heralded as the way forward as, compared to a conventional root canal, this procedure is painless, takes only one or two sessions, and ensures quick recovery. It is the newest procedure in the realm of Laser Dental Treatment in Mumbai.

After you have convinced yourself about the root canal treatment recovery time, your next concern would be the cost associated with it. You will be surprised to know that the procedure costs less than tooth filing cost in Mumbai. Many critics of the root canal will point out; somewhat unknowingly that dental implant is a better procedure than root canal due to cost factor. However, there is an annoying tendency to overlook the fact that dental implant cost in Mumbai is more as the patient needs to make multiple visits for additional procedures which is not true in case of the modern-day microscopic root canal procedure. So if you are having any doubts about the efficacy, recovery time or cost of the root canal; it is time to shed all inhibitions and get the procedure done to sport a healthy smile.